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The terminal at Middleton Municipal - Morey Field completed a $7,000,000 renovation in July 2005. The FBO is owned and operated by Morey Airplane Company.


The new terminal features everything a pilot could want from a non-towered airport and more. The FBO features an inviting lobby, vending machines, clean public restrooms, pilot supplies, a pilot lounge, and a spacious conference room.


Customers come from all over the country to work with us!


The August 2005 issue of Cessna Owner magazine carried an article by Vincent J. Dryden entitled "Is This The World's Best 182?" in which the author describes a major rehabilitation project. Much of the work he reports under "Starting The Makeover Process" was performed at the Morey Airplane Company!


At Morey Airplane Company, we are focused on both personal attention for the customer and the aircraft. We make every effort to keep each customer's personal preferences and schedule in mind. Customers come from all over the country to work with us and that personal contact helps to ensure the high quality that our clients have come to expect.


We specialize in Cessna single and multi-engine aircraft, but work on Piper, Cirrus, Maule, Aviat, and a host of other aircraft. In fact, we've lost count of the number of customers who we've helped find that perfect aircraft for themselves. Over the past 15 years, we have taken the installations of new and overhauled engines on aircraft to a new level. With meticulous attention to detail, these aircraft look better with the cowling off.

Aircraft products and services

Shop labor

$90 per hour


$25 per engine

De-ice, single engine


De-ice, multi-engine


Battery boost





$10 per night, $25 per week, $60 per month with discounts for extended tie-down stays

Fuel 100LL

$4.35 for self-serve, $4.55 for full-serve

Jet A Premixed with Prist

$3.70 for self-serve, $3.90 for full-serve

Phillips X-C oil

$9 per quart, $90 per case

Aeroshell oil

$7 per quart, $70 per case

Aeroshell 15W-50

$9 per quart, $90 per case

Hangar space

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